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Letters from Lightstone: Last Days in Israel


As she approaches the end of her whirlwind trip through Israel, host of the weekday radio series Nocturne on the New Classical 96.3, Marilyn Lightstone is doing her best to see and do as much as possible in her last days abroad. And, to add to her hectic schedule, she’s helping us experience the sights and sounds of the beautiful country via her letters to friends and family back home. Whether taking in art and culture, or simply absorbing the unique atmosphere of the many markets and street scenes around her, Marilyn’s dispatches are as lively as they are enlightening.

Read on for some highlights from the final leg of her journey, and for full accounts, visit EverythingZoomer.com!

To her friend Simon Sperber

When you are next in Israel, you must head to Ilana Gur’s Museum/home in Jaffa! The ancient building which houses it is an experience in itself, and she has crammed it top to bottom not only with her own powerful work, but that of famous artists like Henry Moore, Giacometti, and African art, which she values highly.

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To her friend Gail Goldman

We arrived in Tel Aviv just as everyone was preparing for the Sabbath and the Carmel Market was hopping with both tourists looking for souvenirs (of which there seemed to be an enormous choice, sold by the very artisans who had created them), and the good folk of Tel Aviv buying food and flowers for their Sabbath tables.

letters-from-lightstone-12-610x484To her friend Sunny Holtzman, who lives in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for its summer heat and humidity, so what a pleasant surprise to have that lovely breeze during our postprandial stroll along the beach when we headed back to the hotel. I kicked myself for neglecting to bring my camera — unusual for me when traveling — but it was still great to see so many people enjoying the evening: walking, jogging, bicycling…

I got a particular kick out of the Arab family party where the men were doing the barbecuing, while the women were at their ease, puffing away on their hubble bubbles. I wanted to join them at their pipes, remembering how much I had enjoyed the experience at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

To ZoomerMedia founder, Moses Znaimer

A general note to everyone who’s fond of poking around flea markets, shops full of bric a brac, textiles, china and furniture (which reminded me so much of my Bubby Jenny and Grandpa Jack) is to go visit soon, because the area is transforming rapidly, and trendy shops, condos and hotels are on the way.

NO more to come, as I’m off to Ben Gurion Airport in the morning en route to Toronto…

To read the full Letters from Lightstone series, visit EverythingZoomer.com!

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