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Last Tango Look Back S2E3: Digging Up the Past

Last Tango Look Back S2E3: GILLIAN (Nicola Walker) Photo: Ben Blackall (c) Antony and Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013Just as Alan and Celia’s wedding finally (if unexpectedly) brought their two families together, the startling arrival of a new member shook things up even further. This week on Last Tango, the as-yet-unnamed baby girl stirred up quite a bit of action around the farmhouse, but also seemed to bring out the best (or at least the most loving) sides of all those around her. Alan, Celia and Gillian did their best to regain their footing and help Raff and Ellie, since it seemed that their counterparts wanted nothing to do with caring for it. Alan was worried that Raff would drop out of school before finishing in order to get a job to support the baby, and would end up limiting his options for the future.

All of the talk about babies had Kate thinking more about having a child of her own, despite the fact that Celia didn’t believe Caroline would be interested in all that it entailed after raising two boys. Though they weren’t intended to upset Kate, Celia’s words made her question whether or not she would ever have a child, and when Caroline returned home late that night, her girlfriend was clearly preoccupied. They didn’t have time to talk about the real issue, when Kate had an allergic reaction and had to be taken to the hospital.

The question of children came up again, however, when Celia told her that Kate had been talking about the idea earlier. She seemed skeptical that such a thing was even possible for two women, and even though Caroline assured her that it was, she was just as insistent that she hardly wanted to chart a third foray into motherhood. The problem, she explained, was the significant commitment that Kate had made to helping her buy the house came with the expectation that they would at least try to have a baby. But, Caroline confessed, she thought that the chances of them being successful were very low – something that both she, and her mother, found comforting, even as Kate made plans to meet with an old friend who might be able to help her cause.

Last Tango Look Back S2E3: Alan (DEREK JACOBI) with Baby, yet to be named. Photo: Ben Blackall © Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013

Though Ellie’s parents seemed ambivalent, Raff’s family fell in love with the baby.

Last Tango Look Back S2E3: GILLIAN (Nicola Walker) Photo: Ben Blackall © Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013

Gillian felt increasingly overwhelmed as she tried to keep things together for Raff.

Meanwhile, as Kate was recovering, Caroline took the chance to start cleaning house in an attempt to expedite John’s departure from her home. We learned in yet another of his grasping conversations with Gillian that he had begun writing again, and in the course of her housework, Caroline unintentionally stumbled upon some of his latest work. The makings of his newest book made perfect fodder for her continued criticism of her soon-to-be ex-husband, as his “characters” seemed to bear a striking resemblance to his own female acquaintances. Caroline insisted that he change the details of his apparently not-quite fictional figures, almost as strongly as she urged him to pack up and move out for good.

With so much talk about babies circulating, it was easy for Celia and Alan to get swept up in the excitement, but they did manage to get away from it all for at least a while. Though they’d promised both their daughters that they’d help them with their respective financial obligations, the newlyweds were still keen to find a home of their own. They took some time out to view a bungalow in near Ripon, and the house certainly had its charms, especially for an older couple, but they weren’t certain that they could afford it, given the recent upheavals. With Ellie’s parents still refusing to help take care of the new baby, Celia got to thinking, and suggested that Alan offer to sell his second house to the couple that rented from him.

Back at the farmhouse in Halifax, Celia was still buzzing about the bungalow that they’d viewed earlier, and couldn’t help but tell Robbie how excited they were about the prospect of finally buying their own place. Robbie’s mere presence at the house seemed to suggest that things were going well between him and Gillian, but when the topic of the two-week-long silence between Alan and his daughter came up, his mood changed. When Celia mentioned that they’d fallen out because Alan had told Gillian that her mother had been disappointed when she had an abortion at age 15, it seemed to strike a chord with Robbie. Celia didn’t pick up on his reaction, however, and he kept his thoughts on the matter to himself – at least to her.

Last Tango Look Back S1E3: Celia (ANNE REID), Alan (DEREK JACOBI) Photo: Ben Blackall © Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013

Celia felt badly about what she’d said, but Alan told her it wasn’t her fault.

Last Tango Look Back S2E3: John (Tony Gardner) Photo: Ben Blackall © Anthony and Cleopatra Series Ltd. 2013

Gillian finally gave John the time of day, and told him the truth about Eddie’s death.

When Gillian arrived home, though, he was quick to bring up the subject, and we learned that the two of them had once (many years ago) been an item. She admitted that the baby would have been his, and while it was uncomfortable for them to talk about, the both said that there would have been no point in her telling him about it at the time. Though Robbie didn’t seem angry, he wasn’t happy about learning the truth either, and left the farm rather unceremoniously. Sensing that her relationship with him might soon turn sour again, Gillian couldn’t help but blame Celia for telling Robbie what had happened when, as she said, it was really none of her business.

Her reaction was strong enough that both Alan and Celia retreated to Harrogate to escape Gillian, and told the whole tale to Caroline. Rather than feeling that Gillian was in the wrong, her stepsister seemed to understand that Celia had made a mistake, and called to try and smooth things over. It seemed as though it had worked, but Caroline wasn’t the only one who took notice of the potentially rocky relations between Gillian and Robbie. John hadn’t given up his seemingly delusional infatuation with Gillian, and though she didn’t seem interested in his advances, she stopped short of ignoring his calls. When he asked her out again, she refused, saying that her own situation was already complicated enough, but eventually allowed him to pay a visit at the farm.

Over tea, she told John the truth about Eddie’s death, and confessed that part of the reason she was nervous about continuing to see Robbie was the role she had played in his brother’s death. He tried his best to understand, and told her that he believed they could make a good pair. It appeared as though she agreed with him (or was at least suffering from the effects of enormous stress), and took him up on his offer to care for the baby while she went to work. Whether or not her interest in John will fade as soon as her moment of crisis has passed remains to be seen, and in the meantime, we doubt that Robbie will be happy to fade into the shadows following this week’s revelations.

Kate Shepherd

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