Poldark Poll S1E1: Who Should Elizabeth Have Chosen?



Poldark Poll S1E1

When Ross Poldark returned home to Cornwall in 1783 as a survivor of the American War of Independence, the last thing he could’ve expected was the turmoil that awaited him.

If learning about the death of his father wasn’t tough enough, Ross discovered that his extended family presumed he too had died. Then, there’s the matter of Ross’ dwindling resources.

As these revelations come about, Ross is dealt another serious blow. Elizabeth Chenowyth, Ross’ pre-war love interest, had moved on to his cousin Francis – the two would soon be wed.

“An alarming prospect, is it not, a lifetime with me. I cannot promise to be as fascinating as some – or as bold, or as reckless,” offered Francis to Elizabeth shortly after Ross resurfaces. “But one thing I can promise you [is] my undying love and gratitude.”

Despite Elizabeth’s decision to move ahead with marrying Francis, the romantic tension between Ross and she is palpable. With that in mind, we have to ask: did Elizabeth make the right decision to stick with Francis? Or, should she have abandoned her marriage plans and rekindled her intimate relationship with Ross? You can tell us what you think below.

“[Elizabeth’s] very much a lady of her times,” explained Heida Reed (the actress who plays Elizabeth) in an interview recently published by VisionTV. “She was born into a very good family and born to be admired, really. She’s been taught all the things a lady of her time should know, like playing an instrument, [knowing] a different language and sewing. She’s a very good catch to start off with.”

VisionTV’s encore presentation of Season 1 of “Poldark” can be seen on Wednesday nights at 10pm ET/7pm PT, following Doc Martin.

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-Adam Grant

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