Poldark Poll S1E5: Do You Believe Demelza and Elizabeth’s Bond Will Grow Stronger?



Poldark Poll S1E5

Upon Ross Poldark’s (Aidan Turner) return to Cornwall, it was quickly apparent that he still longed for Elizabeth (Heida Reed.) Alas, assuming Ross had died in war, Elizabeth moved on and married Ross’ self-defeating cousin, Francis (Kyle Soller.) As time went on, however, Ross would meet, employ, romance, then marry Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and subsequently find the happiness he once thought was only possible with Elizabeth.

As harmonious as this may look, the reality has been anything but. While Ross and Demelza have found happiness in marriage, Francis and Elizabeth have fallen upon misery.

Elizabeth is the prototypical-sophisticated beauty with class and elegance to spare – she is used to the finer things in life, even if that’s not what defines her. Demelza, meanwhile, comes from less than humble beginnings and has been gradually trying to build an identity that fits within the Poldark social circle.

Over time, though, Elizabeth and Demelza have begun to find common ground – largely in motherhood. Not long after Elizabeth welcomes her son, Demelza gives birth to Julia. Shortly following her birth, Elizabeth makes an unexpected visit to Demelza’s home as the new mother crafts a bracelet for her daughter.

Poldark Poll 5   Poldark Poll 5

Elizabeth: “That’s very pretty.”

Demelza: “Oh, it’s just a fancy I had to make her a keepsake. I know it’s not made of gold or silver, or even copper…”

Elizabeth: “It’s made of something more precious. A mother’s love for her child surpasses all other loves, does it not?

Demelza: “I’m not sure Ross would care to hear that.”

Elizabeth: “Nor Francis. Men do not understand such things.”

As this chat closes, Elizabeth seems slightly rattled by the happiness Demelza has found and looks weathered by the storm engulfing her marriage. In this moment, Demelza is the one who has it all, as Elizabeth has to fight for something better. Demelza, true to form, remains humble and welcomes this bond that appears to be growing between she and Elizabeth.

Poldark Poll 5   Poldark Poll 5

With that in mind, do you believe that Demelza and Elizabeth’s bond will grow stronger as their lives surge forward?

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-Adam Grant

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