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As the sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey” airs worldwide, those devoted to the hit British drama often wonder if a film involving the series’ characters could be in the works. Fortunately, it sounds like the door isn’t closed to the possibility of bringing the Crawleys to the silver screen.

Recently during a meeting with the Television Critics Association in Southern California, Gareth Neame – an Executive Producer of “Downton Abbey” – shed some light on the matter.

“A ‘Downton Abbey’ movie would be a wonderful thing. It’s a possibility.” He went on to note that series creator Julian Fellowes is “keen” on the idea.

“We’ve thrown around some ideas for a film, but I can’t confirm any definite plans,” added Neame. “We don’t have a script. If a movie ever happens, I believe there is a lot of rich territory to explore.”

Considering that a script isn’t in place, it’s not 100% clear what form a “Downton Abbey” film would take or who its central players would be. That said, Neame did mention an interest in perhaps creating a story focused on the grown-up versions of current “Downton Abbey” children George, Marigold and Sybbie.

Well, now that sounds like something worth stocking up on popcorn for!

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-Adam Grant

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