The Crimson Field Question from the Front S1E4: Will Kitty Let Herself Fall in Love Again?



The Crimson Field Question From the Front S1E4

Welcome to this week’s “The Crimson Field” Question from the Front! Before reading and participating in the poll, do note that there are many spoilers ahead. 

Of late, something romantic has been brewing between nurse Kitty (Oona Chaplin) and Captain Thomas Gillan (Richard Rankin.) We have seen the affectionate glances, the delicate interactions and the growing, obvious appreciation for one another’s company. It all makes sense, then, that the two finally steal some time away from the base.

Aware that this one-on-one time is needed to further advance their bond, Thomas takes the opportunity in the breakfast line to invite Kitty to dine with him at 2pm in the forest. Coy yet unsurprisingly interested, Kitty accepts Thomas’ invitation. She has excitement in her eyes, even if her body language appears a bit nervous.

As Kitty is walking on air, Matron Grace (Hermione Norris) quickly brings her back to solid ground by informing Kitty that she’s been ordered to leave the front for a few hours to meet with Elliot Vincent (Samuel West) – her estranged husband and father to the daughter she longs to communicate with. That excitement in Kitty’s eyes turns into palpable tension, as she seems uneasy about this forthcoming encounter.

The Crimson Field - Question 4   The Crimson Field - Question 4

Driving her into town is Captain Miles Hesketh-Thorne (Alex Wyndham), one of Thomas’ better mates. Not knowing the seriousness of Kitty’s need to be in town, Miles becomes flirtatious, but in a rather playful manner. Having none of it, Kitty opts to leave his vehicle and walk the rest of the way. After letting her go, Miles reminds her that he will remain her ride back to the base.

Soon enough, Kitty enters the dining room of a rather fancy hotel. In the distance Miles sees Kitty in there, as he too is spending time at the same venue. Being a gentleman, Miles soon moves along and respects Kitty’s privacy.

As Kitty sits anxiously at the table, she sneakily takes a dining fork from the table, hiding it in her possession. It is around this point that Elliot emerges.

The Crimson Field - Question 4   The Crimson Field - Question 4

Elliot: “A nurse, an administrating angel. I could barely believe it when I heard.”

Kitty: “I thought you would’ve been too busy to leave England.”

Elliot: “I am, but it was imperative to see you. Proceedings can begin. You need to acknowledge your confession. I want [this] business cleaned up quickly. I want to marry again.”

Kitty: “I didn’t write this.”

Elliot: “But, they’re the facts, are they not? You did have an affair. Of course, you can contest it.”

In order to avoid further conflict, Kitty signs off on the confession before making it known just how badly she wants to see her daughter. To her surprise, Elliot places a room key on the table and encourages Kitty to go see her child. Emotionally and frantically, Kitty races upstairs and readies herself.

The Crimson Field - Question 4   The Crimson Field - Question 4

Upon entering the room, Kitty does not see her daughter – she is not there. Elliot, however, has entered the room and has shut the door behind him. Kitty becomes distraught after building false hope and now fearing that she will fall victim to the type of abuse she likely once suffered at the hands of Elliot.

After a few taunts from Elliot, Kitty gets a hold of the doorknob but struggles to turn it. Elliot is soon restraining her and a physical struggle ensues. Briefly overcoming Elliot, Kitty makes it into the hallway, reaches for her fork and braces for further violence. It is here when Miles comes to the rescue and separates Elliot from Kitty.

The Crimson Field - Question 4   The Crimson Field - Question 4

This whole encounter has left Kitty visibly shaken and distant feeling. Back at the base, Thomas doesn’t give Kitty a hard time over standing him up earlier in the day and is hoping to move past it. Shortly after being in each other’s presence, Thomas moves in to kiss Kitty. She pulls away and confirms that she is there to work, not to get involved with a man. Thomas appears stunned and respectfully walks away from Kitty.

It’s unfortunate to see, but Kitty looks to have lost faith in love following her tumultuous time with Elliot. As important as it is to move forward in life, Kitty is still hung up on the past and that’s getting in the way of a potentially rewarding relationship.

With that in mind, do you think Kitty will eventually bury the past in the past and give Thomas more of a chance to sweep her off her feet?

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-Adam Grant

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