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Downton Abbey - Behind the Scenes

There is no question that “Downton Abbey” has become one of the most revered shows of all-time. Over the course of its run, audiences around the globe became emotionally connected to the stunning collection of characters, fascinating storylines, gorgeous wardrobe and epic scenery.

“You hope that people will enjoy [your show] and you hope that it’ll be good, but we couldn’t have legislated for the fact that it’s taken off like this,” explained actor Jim Carter (Mr. Carson) when discussing the vast popularity of ‘Downton Abbey’ during a recent interview with Here & Now. “[‘Downton Abbey’] is sold in 225 territories around the world. Did you know there were 225 territories in the world? It’s a global thing, so it’s odd.”

He added: “For all of us, it’s changed things… ‘Downton’ is indescribably huge – it’s a phenomenon.”

Although “Downton Abbey” has filmed its final episode and we still don’t know if (or when) a film adaptation of the series will emerge, that hasn’t stopped the social media world from being packed with engaging items related to the Crawley’s and their counterparts. Thus, we thought it’d be fun to share with you a collection of superb “Downton Abbey” social media posts. Some have come from the series’ official Twitter account, while others have been shared by cast members and fans.

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