Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense from Episode 2



Arthur and George: Snapshots of Suspense E2

Click here to stream Episode 2 of “Arthur & George.” It’ll be available through June 2. Do note that there are numerous spoilers ahead.

Having been outrun by a disguised figure mysteriously hanging around the Edaljis’ home, Arthur and Woodie are left to once again ponder who the Wyrley Ripper could be. As they remain at the Vicarage with the Edalji family, the sleuthing duo is mildly perplexed by the sudden arrival of George. He was expected to keep a distance as Arthur and Woodie worked to clear his name, but George appeared to have a different idea.

While Arthur was quick to not think much about George’s oddly timed entrance – with mud-stained footwear that could’ve gotten dirty from outrunning people in a field – Woodie still wonders if George is in fact the Wyrley Ripper. However, before Woodie truly gets to explain his case, Arthur does it for him and opts to carry on with his hunt for what he considers to be the true assailant.

Arthur, convinced that George is a victim of racial prejudice and perhaps police corruption, begins to rub locals the wrong way with his reinvestigation. Unfortunately, this leads to at least one dire consequence: the death of a local blacksmith who was seemingly murdered not too long after sharing information with Arthur and Woodie.

Arthur is enraged by the blacksmith’s death and pleads with police to treat the man’s passing as a murder. However, these are the same policemen who previously targeted George and are not impressed with their past actions being re-examined. Thus, they are not interested in Arthur’s pleas and subsequently choose to draw their own, less sensible conclusions.

As the Wyrley Ripper investigation continues to take many turns, it soon appears to Arthur and Woodie that George is associating himself with known criminals. Although this leads to an eyebrow being raised, George is still being viewed as more of a victim of justice, than someone who is trying to thwart the system.

In the photo gallery below, we have shared some of the most memorable sights from episode two of the stunning, three-part miniseries, “Arthur & George.” Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, May 10 at 9pm ET/6pm PT for part three.

-Adam Grant

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