The Call the Midwife Roll Call: Helen George (Nurse Trixie Franklin)



Call the Midwife - Season 4

Nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George) may have the most bubbly and bombastic personality of those at Nonnatus house, but as the season four premiere of “Call the Midwife” shows us, this is one woman with a lot of love and tenderness to give.

“[Trixie] has been seeing the vicar – he’s known as ‘hot prison vicar’ on set – so now it’s a test to see whether it will go further or not,” said George in an interview with Express, regarding her character’s season four evolution. “We get to look behind Trixie’s smile in this [season] and find out what makes her who she is.”

As for what to expect from season four, George has explained that viewers will be able to witness an evolution in terms of how the midwives carry out their profession.

“The midwives are starting new classes for mothers and are trying to advance things medically,” explained George. “We’re quite progressive and look at working mothers, exploring how women can have a baby and a career, which is still relevant today.”

Call the Midwife - Season 4

George also noted the nature of care provided by midwives decades ago was, in some ways, miles ahead of where it is today.

“It seems as though the one-on-one care was better in that period than it is today,” added George. “There was a strong relationship between the midwife and the mother over a sustained period of time, so they built up a friendship and trust. That’s a really valuable thing. Communities were so much smaller then and the NHS (National Health Service) had only just come into play, so it was changing the social landscape in an impressive way. It’s great that this series is celebrating that.”

On this week’s episode of “Call the Midwife” (9pm ET/6pm PT), a chance encounter with an impoverished child forces Trixie to see an unfamiliar darker side of life. As Nonnatus House welcomes a new resident, Nurse Barbara Gilbert, Tom Hereward has a surprise romantic gesture in store for Trixie.

-Adam Grant

Call the Midwife - Season 4


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