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Call the Midwife - 4

In Poplar, Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates) is a warm-hearted, other-people-first type of an individual whose interest in improving the health and well being of women in the region continues to increase. On this week’s episode of “Call the Midwife,” this trait is taken to a new level when Sister Winifred meets a young prostitute expecting her first child.

As nice and darling as the Sister Winifred character is, Yeates admits that playing someone so wholesome is a little out of left field for her.

“It’s totally out of my casting. I definitely would be more the Trixie character, normally,” explained Yeates during an interview with “It’s very interesting as an actress, to go into the makeup department and come out looking worse.”

Call the Midwife - 4

Normally, Yeates has long, curly, flowing orange locks that do not come into play while portraying Sister Winifred. Thus, her “Call the Midwife” character’s appearance could be construed as that of a ‘Plain Jane,’ but Yeates is more than comfortable presenting much more of a straightforward look – especially since that could help her performance.

“I think it limits actresses if they are scared to look ugly. I don’t care what I look like,” added Yeates. “I only have 20 minutes in makeup to put my hair up and put on a bit of a foundation. Even though I hope the next thing I do is ridiculously and horribly glamorous, I think that it’s nice to not have those concerns on set and just think about your acting.”

On this week’s episode of “Call the Midwife” (Wednesday at 9pm ET/6pm PT): Sister Winifred meets a young prostitute and begins a campaign to improve the lives of women like her, Trixie reconsiders her engagement when Tom is offered a post in Newcastle, and Sister Monica Joan is unexpectedly called into action.

-Adam Grant

Call the Midwife - 4

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