Original Poldark Actor, 74, Wants to Go Topless in New Series



Robin Ellis & Aidan Turner - Poldark

The latest incarnation of “Poldark” has a ton of great things going for it: superb writing, astounding performances and a beautiful Cornwall setting that is tough to match. However, another particular element that certainly aided Poldark’s rise in popularity is its sexy, swarthy leading man, Aidan Turner, and his shirtless scenes early on in the series.

Understanding this is Robin Ellis, the actor who played the Ross Poldark character long before Turner did. During a recent interview featured in the Mirror, Ellis (who appears in the current “Poldark” series as Judge Reverend Halse) noted that he would love to bare his chest again for the hit British series.

Aidan Turner - Poldark

“I look forward to the moment Justice Halse is seen doing his early morning washing. Halse without his shirt on – that would be great,” joked Ellis. “And without his wig too, that would be really great.”

While Ellis appears to be kidding, he does in fact have experience in not wearing a top while on the set of “Poldark.” You see, as Ross Poldark in the 1970s, Ellis went without a shirt during a love scene featuring that era’s Demelza, Angharad Rees.

Unfortunately for Ellis, some of the reviews were mixed.

Robin Ellis - Poldark

“I did take off my shirt in the original series – no ulterior motives at all,” reflected Ellis of his ‘Poldark’ run in the 1970s. “The next day I took my washing across the road to the launderette, where a Polish lady with blonde hair always did it for me – she was a fan of the programme.

He continued: “I walked in on this Monday morning, she looked at me and wagged her finger and said: ‘big mistake.’ I never took my shirt off again.”

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-Adam Grant

Robin Ellis - Poldark

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