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Max Macmillan Discusses What Call the Midwife Has Taught Him


In Poplar, Dr. Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) and Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) is a steady and caring medical team, often in demand by residents who have fallen ill, or those looking for a healthy dose of advice.

When not at their medical practice, however, they are a loving and attentive parenting team that has the pleasure of raising their young, intelligent and conscientious son, Timothy (Max Macmillan). Wise beyond his years and always willing to lend a hand, it’ll be exciting to continue following Timothy’s adolescent evolution toward adulthood.

During a recent “Call the Midwife” video interview, McGann marvelled at Macmillan’s ability to quickly adapt to a role and storyline that wouldn’t have been easy for many child actors.

“We started as a widower and a son who had been bereaved,” recalled McGann. “There was a sadness at the heart [of that]. And, you had this young man – this brilliant actor – who turned up and had all of that to play.”

Call the Midwife - Stephen McGann

As for Macmillan, he’s genuinely pleased to find himself a part of the strong “Call the Midwife” cast. What’s more, he believes the experience of being involved in it has had an enormous impact on how he conducts himself.

“Growing up on set and with the show, it’s been amazing for my view on professional environments,” explained Macmillan. “This is the only real experience I’ve had working in a proper working environment and I think it’s taught me quite a lot on how to act professionally and around other people. In a way, it’s stopped me from being so immature in this type of situation. It’s helped me learn how to work with people and how not to annoy everyone I’m around.” {Laughs}

This week on “Call the Midwife” (Wednesday, December 14 at 9pm ET/6pm PT), When Phyllis’ car breaks down on the way to a delivery, Delia must talk a young mother through her home birth over the telephone. Subsequently the mother begins to display erratic behaviour and finally goes missing. After reading up on new schools of thought linking cigarettes to cancer, Timothy Turner resorts to shock tactics to stop his parents’ smoking habit.

-Adam Grant

Call the Midwife

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