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Join “Mum” on Her Year-Long Journey, One Wednesday at a Time




In life, we are all presented with seismic changes and must learn how to face such challenges the best way we can. This, can very much be said for Cathy, the central character on the new British series, “Mum.”

Premiering, Wednesday, December 14 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT, “Mum” stars Lesley Manville as Cathy, a woman whose husband passes away and must learn how to move forward in life.

The series begins at the January funeral of Cathy’s husband and takes you through the next year of her life. Throughout, there are moments of seriousness, laughs and relatable family moments.

Recently, Manville explained why starring in “Mum” appealed to her.


“I’m known for playing big, emotional, tough classic roles so it’s nice to do something lighter that still has character and substance,” said Manville during an interview with What’s On TV. “I know my forte wouldn’t be an out-and-out comedy where you go, ‘Here’s the joke – boom, boom.’”

She continued: “So what I loved about ‘Mum’ was that it is this lovely drama about this real family and then every now and again you get this laugh that is more about recognition than a gag – it’s subtle and gentle and beautifully handled.”

As for her role on “Mum,” Manville has explained that she appreciates the diverse set of qualities Cathy has in terms of how she handles herself, as well as those around her.


“She wants everything to be all right for other people because she feels they need nurturing, but we had to make sure that she had a twinkle and a wit about her, too,” noted Manville. “So you can see that she is quietly laughing at all these other mad people, but she also has so much patience and understanding.”

She added: “I do relate to her because she is very pragmatic and comfortable in her own skin, as I am, but I’m not as patient as her. I am more judgmental!”

“Mum” can be seen Wednesdays at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT from December 14 to January 18, on VisionTV.

-Adam Grant


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