Reliving Agatha Raisin S1E7: Just in Time for the Witching Hour



Agatha Raisin - S1E7

In a taxi and en route to experience what she hopes will be a lovely spa package, Agatha’s Caresly friends can’t help but be mystified by her sudden trip out of the village.

However, the moment Agatha sets eyes on the castle in which the taxi drops her off in front of, she suspects that this isn’t the place she signed up for. Instead of running for the hills, Agatha – reddish wig and all – curiously asks the strange front desk person, Claude, for assistance. He explains to Agatha that she didn’t purchase a spa package, rather, she purchased an S.P.A.: Special Paranormal Activity package. Boy, is Agatha unimpressed by this.

Despite her initial trepidations, Agatha is introduced to a number of the castle’s guests, including widower Daisy Jones; Colonel Guy Lyche and vacationers Jennifer Stobbs and Mabel Dulsey. Together, this group is playing an intense game of scrabble, something Agatha has zero interest in.

Later in the day, Agatha retires to her room and removes the wig. Beneath, it is a blonde mess of what looks to be dying hair and a woman very unhappy about it. As Agatha explores the room, she gets quite the scare by opening a door and seeing that it leads into someone else’s sleeping quarters. In this case, it is Daisy. During conversation, Agatha explains that she had a stylist destroy her hair and had booked a spa appointment to help fix the issue. Willing to help, Daisy tells Agatha that a woman (and local witch!) by the name of Francie would have a formula to help her out.

When Agatha visits Francie, she’s given a quick deal of tarot cards, before spending way more money on the formula than she had planned. Hours later at the castle, Agatha gets the feeling that this formula isn’t the cure-all Francie claimed it to be. Thus, she storms out to give Francie a piece of her mind.

After arriving at Francie’s trailer, Agatha notices that the witch of the region was now dead – holding a ‘Justice’ tarot card in her lifeless hand. It seems that no matter where Agatha goes, death does follow her.

Back at the castle, Inspector Jessop interviews Agatha. The no-nonsense official sees Agatha’s behaviour that night as very suspicious and asks her not to leave the castle. By the following day, however, her story has exited the castle and made it into a Caresly newspaper.

Agatha Raisin - S1E7

Together, James, Gemma and DC Bill Wong are mystified that Agatha is now considered to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Wanting to ensure Agatha is safe and well, James convinces the gang to come with him to the castle.

By dinner, Agatha is surprised in the dining room by Bill and Gemma, as well as Roy and James, posing as couples. The goal? To clear Agatha’s name and get her home.

When discussing the matter, Bill reveals the belief is that Francie’s murder occurred thanks to a big lockbox of money she had stashed in her trailer.

On the way to bed, James and Agatha flirt their way into the hallway. Both know there is a heavy connection between the two of them, but neither can act upon that. Alas, it’ll be another instance of the duo not spending the night together.

The following day, Agatha and Gemma visit the crime scene. While snooping, they are not so graciously met by Francie’s sister, Janine. Wielding a weapon, Janine isn’t up for friendly small talk and is understandably very angry about her sister’s suspicious death. Agatha and Gemma offer to help Janine track down the killer, but she is disinterested in that. You see, like her Francie, Janine is a psychic and knows that her deceased sister will one day telepathically reveal who killed her.

Agatha, as expected, continues against the grain in search of answers but doesn’t get what she is looking for. Thus, she thinks it’d make the most sense to use Janine’s otherworldly abilities to help out – in the form of a séance. Although it took some serious convincing, Janine ultimately agrees to lead it.

In the room, the vast majority of those in the castle (minus Roy and a disgruntled castle employee, Carly) sit at a roundtable holding hands. The space is dark and ominous, with a real frightening presence to it. As Janine gets going, Francie soon appears through her. At one point Agatha asks who killed her. The answer: justice.

While wrapping their heads around this revelation, the room goes completely dark and begins to rattle. When the lights come up, Janine is flopped on the table with a fatal knife wound in her back.

Back to the drawing board, Agatha and the team continue to breakdown who could possibly be responsible for silencing these sisters. Soon, it is discovered that Jennifer is a lawyer that specializes in inheritances and Mabel believes that her family is connected to the castle and that she should’ve inherited it prior to it going to the current owner.

Agatha Raisin - S1E7

Perhaps, then, maybe Mabel suspected that the psychic sisters (who she never believed in the powers of) would have messed up her possible case?

Along the way, Agatha and the team begin analyzing a family tree of who could be connected to the castle, but this doesn’t immediately pave a path toward a solution.

When thinking closer about who was and wasn’t involved in the séance, Roy reveals to Agatha that Carly and he did not participate, therefore making it very possible that she wielded the mighty knife.

Just as Agatha and Roy begin discussing what could’ve possibly happened, Inspector Jessop shows up and arrests Carly in connection with the murders. To Agatha, though, this doesn’t make sense to her. In a way, this arrest is too obvious to be true.

As Carly is being led out, Agatha races back to the family tree that she’d been analyzing. On it, she rediscovers the name Gizup, a part of the tree considered to be illegitimate as it relates to ownership of the castle.

Suddenly, Agatha realizes that Gizup sounds a lot like Jessop. At a moment’s notice, Agatha begins to ferociously levy questions and accusations at Jessop as he leads Carly away in cuffs.

What we learn is that, according to the family tree, Carly is the one who should have inherited the castle. But, to keep his ownership intact, Inspector Jessop needed Francie, Janine and Carly out of his way. Following much pressure, Inspector Jessop confesses and tries to escape the heat. Unfortunately for him, James and Bill are there to take him down.

Once the smoke clears, James – like a man on a mission – tracks down Agatha. After much time dancing around his feelings for Agatha, he finally reveals his undying love for her. Instead of just coming clean, however, James goes one step further and asks for Agatha’s hand in marriage.

Agatha has a big gasp, just as a squawking black crow lands nearby. Oh, what to do, what to do?

-Adam Grant

Agatha Raisin - S1E7

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