Aidan Turner Talks About Expressing Ross Poldark’s Hardships



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Throughout the first season of “Poldark,” it was tough to not be impressed by the amount of depth Aidan Turner brought to the Ross Poldark character. At various times he walked the line between noble hero and temperamental risk taker; a well-measured man-of-the-people and battler of authority; a loving family man and someone capable of letting a family feud engulf him.

Season two picks up with Ross in a ton of trouble. He has been arrested for, among other things, inciting riot, all the while grieving over the passing of his daughter Julia and watching his finances dwindle to dust.

Along with his faithful wife Demelza, Ross needs to work his way through the darkness in order to get his life back together again.

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During an interview with Parade, Turner discussed what it is like as an actor to convey the emotions of a character that has experienced so much hardship in his life.

“How do you get to those places? It’s hard,” said Turner. “It’s something we all do but I can’t imagine really – well I have to, but it’s really tough to imagine what it’s like to lose a child. I don’t sort of pretend to ever nail something like that. It’s the world of imagination. You work with these great actors, like Eleanor [Tomlinson], is just so talented, and together we can try to get to that place.

[Ross is] certainly tormented. I don’t think he ever really gets over that,” continued Turner. “Somebody [once asked me] if he’s essentially a good guy. Is he just a good guy? I think we see from the beginning of [Season 2] that Julia’s death is something that’s going to torment him forever. He gets into a darker place after that. I don’t know if he’ll ever get out of it. It’s hard for him, but as an actor it’s exciting to play. It’s exciting to put yourself in that position and then at the end of the day, you take off the tricorn hat, you take off the boots, and go home. Then it’s not real.”

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This week on the Season 2 premiere of “Poldark” (Wednesday, January 11 at 9pm ET/6pm PT): As Ross gets ready to go to trial, his nemesis George Warleggan aims to ruin him for good. Can Ross’ friends and family rescue him, or is this his final run-in with the law?

To get you ready for the premiere, please enjoy this fantastic video as it takes you behind the scenes of “Poldark” and shows you what goes into the creation of such an epic series.

-Adam Grant 

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