Hermione Norris of Cold Feet Loves Acting her Age



Cold Feet

When a much beloved television series seemingly reaches its conclusion, more often than not it doesn’t come back years later, with the same cast, only more advanced in life. But, British favourite “Cold Feet” went against all of that by returning in 2016 after an emotional finale in 2003.

Starring in “Cold Feet” as Karen Marsden, a no-nonsense, loyal, if not overly honest friend and mother, actress Hermione Norris (“The Crimson Field,” “Kingdom”) found it fantastic to have the gang back together again.

“It was a real joy watching these characters together,” offered Norris in an interview with the Telegraph. “I find it comforting.”

“I just love working with people my own age,” continued Norris. “I really appreciated being with people of my own generation, as an actor and as Karen. I find, as a woman, I love being older.”

Cold Feet

That being said, Norris was admittedly a little concerned at first about bringing back “Cold Feet” and potentially ruining its legacy.

“It was so of its time and so loved that I thought it may be best left,” said Norris. “And I didn’t want to do anything that could have undone that. But it was [series writer] Mike Bullen really, he said ‘I just think it would be really interesting to revisit these characters at this chapter in their lives and where they were in society today and tell that story,’ and I thought, ‘well, yeah.’”

This week on “Cold Feet” (Tuesday, January 17 at 8pm ET/5pm PT), when the police arrive at David and Robyn’s house in the early hours, David suspects he’s been rumbled for offloading penalty points on to Karen’s driving license. He is speechless to learn that he is in-fact being arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud but has faith that the system will prove his innocence.

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet

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