Robert Bathurst Still Has a Soft Spot for his Cold Feet Character



Cold Feet

Having a role in not just one, but two iconic British series isn’t something that a lot of strong actors can claim. But, in the case of Robert Bathurst, he’s had the absolute fortune of starring in both “Cold Feet” and “Downton Abbey.”

In the current season of “Cold Feet,” Bathurst offers an incredible performance as David Marsden, a man who is currently facing more obstacles than someone of his stature would care to put up with. Whether it’s his failing marriage, business ambitions hitting the skids, or a legal matter that he’s yet to wiggle out of, David has a tall mountain to climb before life can be calm for him again.

As part of an interview done with the Mirror, Bathurst was asked if – after all these years – he still has a soft spot for David. 

Cold Feet

“I do. I suggest ideas for [David],” admitted Bathurst. “Then that gets ignored and they write something better. In the first series I wanted him to ride a motorbike.

“At the time I was keen to take my motorbike test and knew if it was written in, the company could pay for it! Ideal,” he continued. “But I actually fell off it in the scene and crashed, so they used a stuntman. No motor biking for me in the end, sadly.”

While David doesn’t speed along on a hog during the sixth season of “Cold Feet” either, one of the series’ major elements this time around is how the characters have matured – in both behavior and appearance.

“I mean I had seen the others, we had bumped into each other at things, so I knew what they all looked like,” replied Bathurst, with a laugh, when asked if he was concerned about looking older in the reboot of ‘Cold Feet.’ “But I was aware people would be having a good old look. I wasn’t particularly on form physically for the show. But you know, I just got on with it.”

Cold Feet

Despite not being “particularly on form physically” for the return of “Cold Feet,” Bathurst does regularly get recognized off-camera and still gets a kick out of that.

“To be honest, I’m glad to be recognized,” said Bathurst. “If people ignore you in the street, you know the shows you’re in are doing badly. 

“[I don’t have anyone who is] stalker material, but there are a couple of insidious correspondents,” he added. “I’ll leave it there.”

This week on “Cold Feet” (Tuesday, January 24 at 8pm ET/5pm PT), following his arrest, David has a hard time believing that not even his wife thinks he is innocent.

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet

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