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Did You Know Queen Elizabeth II Helped Create a Sparkling Wine?



Queen Elizabeth II

While it is unclear whether or not Queen Elizabeth II likes to partake in an adult beverage or two at suppertime, what we do now know is that she helped a line of sparkling wine come to life.

You see, in 2011 Queen Elizabeth II gave British winemaker and retailer, Laithwaite, permission to create a vineyard on royal property. More specifically, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes began to grow at Windsor Great Park, a space just an earshot away from Windsor Castle.

“In 2011, we discovered a 4-hectare south facing plot in Windsor Great Park, with slopes down to Great Meadow Pond,” explains Laithwaite. “It’s an ideal location, with gentle breezes, a moderate climate, well drained soils – all the attributes for a top-class vineyard. We planted Champagne’s classic varieties and harvested our first grapes in 2013. The result: a fine fizz with delicious rich toasty length.”

Wine - Queen

After a couple years of patience, the first harvest occurred in 2013. In all, 3,000 bottles were created and made available to the public at the end of 2016. As you could expect, these bottles sold out fast. Of course, considering the obsession many people have with collecting Royal merchandise and rare wines, it’s really not surprising that the inventory was quickly gobbled up.

For those who missed out on the first batch, Laithwaite has confirmed that another one will be available this autumn. Windsor Vineyard 2014, as it’ll be known, will cost roughly $44 (U.S. funds) per bottle.

“[This] highly anticipated second release of a distinguished fizz…celebrates both the phenomenal rise of English Quality Sparkling Wine and the rebirth of Windsor Great Park vineyard,” notes Laithwaite.

Victoria - First Look

On Tuesday, April 4 at 8pm ET/5pm PT, feel free to pop your own bottle of bubbly and join us for the entrancing VisionTV premiere of acclaimed British drama, “Victoria”!  

Jenna Coleman (“Doctor Who,” “Death Comes to Pemberley,” “Dancing on the Edge”) stars as a young Queen Victoria in this major new drama series, “Victoria.” 

The ambitious 8-part drama follows the early life of Queen Victoria, from her ascension to the throne at the tender age of 18, through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. Victoria went on to rule for 63 years, and was our longest serving monarch until she was overtaken by Elizabeth II on 9th September 2015.

-Adam Grant

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