Poldark’s Aidan Turner Recognized by the Irish Film & Television Academy



Aidan Turner - Poldark S2

If the second season of “Poldark” has taught us anything, it’s that the young actors who drive the series continue to offer up herculean performances. In the case of leading man Aidan Turner, he has turned the character of Ross Poldark into a beloved, yet complicated one. At moments, he’s the swashbuckling hero we all want to root for, while at others, he’s making foolish decisions worth wearing a dunce cap over.

Recognizing Turner for his strength on the series is the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA). The academy – which recognizes “the very best in Film, Television Drama, Feature Documentary, Live Action Short and Animation” – have nominated the “Poldark” star for an Irish Film & Drama Award, in the Actor in a Lead Role in Drama category.

Turner will be up against Dara Devaney (“An Klondike O2”), Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinders”), James Nesbitt (“The Secret”) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (“Trial of the Century”).

Aidan Turner - Poldark S2

“Well, it struck me that Ross is a real man – not a heroic, legendary guy who comes into town and is the people’s hero, like Robin Hood,” said Turner of his ‘Poldark’ character during an interview with The Guardian. “There’s a lot wrong with Ross, which is what I love about him – that he’s a multitude of ups and downs and rights and wrongs. And I don’t think he knows where he’s at half the time.

“Emotionally, he’s way more comfortable being a soldier and being with the lads than he is with Demelza,” he added. “Love is a complete mystery to him. He can’t quite figure that out – does he still fancy Elizabeth, is he still in love with Elizabeth? Does he feel betrayed? Was it her fault? All these questions are still there in the second series. And they’re real questions.”

While it’s entirely possible that Turner is thrilled have such recognized bestowed upon him by the IFTA, he’s certainly not the type of person who craves such attention for his work.

Aidan Turner - Poldark S2

“When a show that I’m in goes out, I don’t really watch it,” admitted Turner to The Guardian. “I don’t Google it or tune into any of the press.”

Does he tune into social media instead?

“Oh my God, no. Can you imagine? I’d have a nervous breakdown. My friends and family even know not to send me stuff,” continued the actor. “The agents won’t send me the ratings, either. None of that matters a great deal to me.”

This week on the scintillating Season 2 Finale of “Poldark” (Wednesday, March 15 at 9pm ET/6pm PT), Ross contemplates his future and where it’ll take him; George begins to run a muck at Trenwith; Demelza reaches some mighty conclusions; and Elizabeth’s world gets rocked when doubt creeps in over her family’s future plans.

-Adam Grant

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