Royal Research: Jenna Coleman Opens Up About Understanding Victoria



Victoria - S1

On Tuesday, April 4, we cordially invite you to join us for the VisionTV premiere of “Victoria,” an absolutely stunning period drama that shines a light on the early days of Queen Victoria and her rise to power and influence.

Taking on the pivotal role of Queen Victoria is soon-to-be 31-year-old actress, Jenna Coleman. Known for her work on “Dancing on the Edge” and “Doctor Who,” Coleman is by no means a rookie when it comes to making a character jump off the page. However, accurately portraying a well-known historical figure is a whole other challenge. As a result.

During an interview with Bazaar, Coleman discussed the impressions she had of Queen Victoria prior to playing her.

“I think, like most people, it was of the black, stern photographs we see of her,” said Coleman. “I knew she was known for being a passionate young queen and spirited, but I didn’t really know her character at all. I was really surprised and I think I keep on being surprised, actually, the more I learn about her.”

Victoria - S1

The research Coleman embarked on was wonderfully studious and thorough. Along the way, Coleman would study the Queen’s biographies as well as her personal diaries.

“Victoria” premieres Tuesday, April 4 a 8pm ET/5pm PT on VisionTV!

“I was really shocked, first off, by how candid she is… It’s really interesting that she’s so open and effusive and [has] nothing to hide; will tell you every story, what she ate for breakfast – everything is there,” relayed Coleman. “I found that really charming, actually. Victoria’s context in so many ways is really inconsistent, but there’s a kind of honesty there. I think given her position, I find it really charming that she’s as candid as she is.”

In addition to that candid nature, Coleman couldn’t help but be fascinated by how young Queen Victoria was when she took power – and what it must’ve been like for a teenager to encounter so many astronomically large experiences so early in life.

Victoria - S1

“I never really considered that she was only 18 the day that she became Queen, a role that she was born into. [She] didn’t have a choice, had grown up in the manner in which she had grown up without a father figure and her mother, who she didn’t trust. [Victoria] had never been in a room with a man on her own before, had never slept in a bedroom on her own before, and [she] woke up the following day to govern the entire nation. Again, it’s part of what’s so charming when you read [her diaries].”

Continued Coleman: “[Queen Victoria] talks about people that she met, and when you experience her falling in love with Albert, and becoming a mother for the first time, it’s so relatable to go through everything that we go through now. Obviously, she has the extra responsibility of happening to be Queen at the same time and being a teenager and learning all these lessons that teenagers learn at some point. It’s a real journey told through a very unique set of eyes.”

-Adam Grant

“Victoria” premieres Tuesday, April 4 a 8pm ET/5pm PT on VisionTV!

Victoria - S1

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