Aidan Turner Confirms Fourth Season of Poldark!



Aidan Turner - Poldark

When season two of “Poldark” recently drew to a close, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the cliffhangers. For instance, who is really the father of Elizabeth’s child? Will Ross and George’s feud cool or intensify? How will Demelza move forward with her marriage after a bout of infidelity?

While it’s tough to not get excited about what season three of “Poldark” might bring us, it is even tougher to look ahead and wonder about what season four will entail.

Yes, you read that correctly: there will be a season four.

While in a Q&A session at this month’s BFI and Radio Times Television Festival, “Poldark” star Aidan Turner confirmed that filming of season four would begin soon.

“We’ve planned series four, we actually start filming in September,” relayed Turner.

“Poldark” season three is scheduled to premiere in the U.K. this coming June.

Poldark S2E3

Considering that season two came to a close overseas in November 2016, season three has been brought to life rather fast. By comparison, season one of “Poldark” ended in April 2015 and season two didn’t begin until November 2016.

Also participating in this Q&A was Damien Timmer, a producer on “Poldark” and the newest hit British period drama, “Victoria.” He explained the decision behind getting “Poldark” back on TV quicker than before.

“The schedule for series two was ten hours, three is nine hours long, so we’ve been seeing how quickly we can make it and whether we could get it out faster than we did before,” explained Timmer.

“We’re trying to, frankly, keep the momentum going,” he added. “Series two ended on such a high and there was too long a gap between one and two.”

Until the return of “Poldark,” we encourage you to join us Tuesdays at 8pm ET/5pm PT for “Victoria”!

-Adam Grant

Aidan Turner - Poldark

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