Six Fascinating Facts About Queen Victoria



When it comes to a historical figure as sizeable as Queen Victoria, there are a number of facts that many have come to know: she was just 18 at the beginning of her reign; she held the throne for nearly 64 years; and she had nine children with Prince Albert.

While those are arguably some of the most known truths about Queen Victoria’s life, there are others that possibly flew under the radar of casual Royal fans. With that in mind, here’s a look back at six fun, fascinating and downright strange facts attributed to Her Majesty.

1. At just 4’11”, Victoria had to have a throne specially made for her she was so small.

2. Victoria was disgusted by the idea of feeding her own child. She wrote: “Oh, if those selfish men, who are the cause of all one’s misery, only knew what their poor slaves go through! What suffering, what humiliation to the delicate feelings of a poor woman, above all a young one, especially with those nasty doctors… Especially the horrors about that peculiarly indelicate nursing (which is far worse than all the other parts).”

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3. The Queen’s daily routine began at 9am when she saw a constant stream of visitors until she finally retired, after midnight. From breakfast to lunch she tended to sort out the affairs of state, signing documents and papers, and spending time with Lord Melbourne. After lunch, she might fit in a leisure activity, such as riding, walking or singing.

4. A teenage intruder who gained access to the Palace three times, getting dangerously close to the Queen, was held up as an example of the disorganized running of the household. The ‘Boy Jones,’ a builder’s apprentice, was first caught in 1838, after fleeing from the Palace with the Queen’s underwear tucked down his trousers! On his second outing, two years later, he was found hiding under a sofa in the dressing room next to the Queen’s bedroom at one o’clock in the morning.

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5. Victoria ate with unusual speed. At a banquet she could put away seven courses in 30 minutes! This was bad news for the other guests because everyone was served their individual course after the Queen and when she had finished, all the plates were cleared for the next course. If you were the last person served often you wouldn’t get a chance to eat anything before your plate was taken.

6. She insisted on all the windows being open whatever the time of year because she would feel so hot.

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-Adam Grant

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