Meet the Grandmother Who Playfully Grabbed George Clooney’s Face at TIFF



George Clooney - TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has taken over Ontario’s capital as movie stars, musicians, athletes and all kinds of other celebrities can be seen flowing through the city.

One woman who made the most out of this highly hoopla-ed event was Elfriede Wolf, an Oakville, Ontario-based grandmother whose photo with A List movie star and director, George Clooney, went viral.

At the “Suburbicon” premiere, Wolf was up against a guardrail as Clooney – one of the world’s most popular, yet affable actors – approached.

“It happened too quick,” said Wolf during an exclusive interview with Global News. “I couldn’t even comprehend it. It just happened so quickly. I was on the fence there, like everybody else… he walked and greeted the people. Nothing was planned at all. We just came for the film festival.”

Wolf was in attendance with her daughter, Brigitte, who is admittedly “in love” with Clooney. This affection, of course, helped spur on Wolf’s next move – playfully grabbing the Oscar winner’s chin.

Elfriede Wolf - TIFF

“[Brigitte] thought maybe she could get a glimpse of George Clooney,” continued Wolf, who admitted that her daughter missed the magical encounter. “When he got closer, I said, ‘George, my daughter is in love with you.’ He said, ‘Oh my God.’ He reached his hand over, and before we knew it, he held my hand and smiled. That’s when I [grabbed his chin].”

The photo was subsequently tweeted out by the TIFF Twitter account on the evening of September 9. Since then, the image has been admired and shared plentifully online.

“He’s very cute, he looks so good in-person,” recalled Wolf.

At the end of her interview with Global News, Wolf was presented with the photos of her moment with Clooney, nicely framed.

Where will she hang it?

Humorously replied Wolf: “Over my bed.”

-Adam Grant

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George Clooney - TIFF


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