VisionTV Presents North American TV Premiere of Doc Martin Season 8 in November



Doc Martin - Season 8

When we last saw “Doc Martin,” it appeared as if Martin and Louisa’s relationship was finally coming back around to a happier place. After struggling through relationship counselling and dealing with the reality that their marriage may not make it, the two eventually reconciled with a smooch upon a grassy knoll.

The kiss and the words exchanged at this moment between Martin and Louisa seemed promising, but now we must wonder: what’s next?

On Tuesday, November 7 (8pm ET/5pm PT), we will find out as VisionTV proudly presents the North American TV premiere of “Doc Martin” season eight!

Doc Martin - Season 8

With Martin and Louisa living under the same roof again, we should learn very fast how the dynamic duo is getting on – along with the rest of their Portwenn pals.

What has helped “Doc Martin” get to season eight is the fan devotion in which the series has gained. In particular, leading man Martin Clunes has quite the committed fan following.

“There’s a hardcore of Clunatics,” said Clunes in an interview with the Mirror. “Every time we film, they come over from South America, Australia [and] the USA. [These fans] have podcasts and live discussion groups on social media. They watch it in Russia, Venezuela, Malaysia…they even get it in Africa now too.”

With this global notoriety, Clunes has learned how to adjust to working amidst a throng of onlookers.

Doc Martin - Season 8

“They stand there all day, there are hundreds of them,” relayed Clunes when discussing the fans. “I remember doing ‘William And Mary’ in London and van drivers would beep their horns to throw us off and we’d feel very exposed and embarrassed and vulnerable.”

He added: “But I’ve never felt like that in Port Isaac (where “Doc Martin” is filmed). “It’s comfy and the people there are on side. They’re really sweet and just want to say ‘hello’ and get a selfie.”

-Adam Grant

Doc Martin - Season 8

The North American TV premiere of “Doc Martin” Season 8 begins Tuesday, November 7 at 8pm ET/5pm PT! Until then, please enjoy encore presentations of classic “Doc Martin” episodes each Tuesday at 8pm ET/5pm PT. 

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