Jenna Coleman Recalls Embarrassing Karaoke Moment



Jenna Coleman

On “Victoria,” Jenna Coleman packs a mighty punch as the young Queen. However, while Coleman’s acting chops may be top notch, her singing voice may be a whole other story.

During an appearance on the Hey It’s OK podcast, Coleman reflected on a family vacation she went on at the age of 12. Here, Coleman met fellow 12-year-old Charlotte Church, who would later go on to become a notable singer-songwriter with a booming voice.

“I met Charlotte Church in Ibiza when we were 12 years old and it was before all of her success,” remembered Coleman. “She was singing in the evenings at the hotel just with her family, and we became really good friends.”

This budding friendship soon resulted in Church (pictured below) encouraging Coleman to sing with her during a karaoke night. For Coleman, this moment proved to be a rather hilarious wakeup call.

Charlotte Church

“At this time, I didn’t really know that she was such a great singer,” said Coleman. “So the karaoke was on and she said ‘come up and sing with me’ and it was ‘New York, New York’ or ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ and I was like ‘yeah, great.’ I stood on stage and suddenly 12-year-old Charlotte started to sing opera next to me – I absolutely died.”

She added: “I don’t think I’ve ever done karaoke since.”

Fortunately for Coleman, we think her success with “Victoria” means she’ll never really have to worry about her karaoke skills again.

-Adam Grant

Jenna Coleman

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