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Cold Feet - S7

After a 13-year absence, “Cold Feet” returned strong in 2016. The characters have evolved into middle-aged adults facing mature matters like parenthood, divorce, depression, career transitions, and even a little criminality. Fortunately for the stars of this brilliant British series, audiences reacted well enough to justify even more time on the tube for Adam (James Nesbitt), Pete (John Thomson), David (Robert Bathurst), Karen (Hermione Norris) and Jenny (Fay Ripley).

Season 7 of “Cold Feet” premieres Wednesday, November 1 (10pm ET/7pm PT) on VisionTV!

“It was obviously very gratifying,” says Nesbitt when asked how he felt about audience reaction to the resurrected ‘Cold Feet’ series. “I’d always resisted bringing ‘Cold Feet’ back. I didn’t want to revisit something and go along that well-trodden path where things are resurrected and then don’t have the strength, innovation or the voice they had originally.

Cold Feet - S7

“But when I read the scripts, I thought they were very good,” added Nesbitt. “We slotted back into it really well, but there was no complacency. We did feel under pressure and so it was lovely that people took to it.”

As for Ripley, she admits to being relieved with how well new episodes of “Cold Feet” have gone over, explaining that she initially viewed its comeback as a “high-risk proposition.” But, she believes the series’ relatable storylines have given audiences something deeper to connect with.

Cold Feet - S7

“Probably a lot of what these characters are going through is the same as what other people are going through,” explains Ripley. “‘Cold Feet’ is clearly not a fly-on-the-wall documentary. It’s quite a light look at life. But, it is a look at life and hopefully one people can recognize.”

With Bathurst, he was most pleasantly impressed with how invested viewers still are in “Cold Feet, and that there was a strong rooting interest in the series re-emerging and flourishing.

Cold Feet - S7

“I’m delighted people went with it,” comments Bathurst. “And lots of people have expressed their relief. I’ve never had that from an audience before. Not saying they liked it or they didn’t like it, but that they were so relieved it worked. They seemed to have invested rather a lot in whether it would work or not. That was different from the reaction you get from most shows.” 

-Adam Grant

On the Season 7 premiere of “Cold Feet” (Wednesday, November 1 at 10pm ET/7pm PT): Adam hopes to take his relationship with Tina to the next level; Pete and Jenny consider new job opportunities; Karen experiences early challenges with her publishing company; and David catches the eye of another man’s wealthy, yet unhappy wife.

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