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One particularly entertaining element of “Doc Martin” is to watch how the doctor navigates parenthood. While understanding his son James’ developmental patterns and potential medical issues, Martin isn’t the goo-goo ga-ga, baby-voiced parent interacting with a young a child. He takes his role of father seriously, if not a little too formally at times.

During the season eight premiere of “Doc Martin,” it became clear that Louisa was struggling to find the proper work and home balance. Not only is there the issue of always ensuring a babysitter is available, there is the disappointment when she misses a first for James. Thus, a career change may be in order.

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“[Martin’s] so twisted and old-fashioned about everything, I don’t know what he thinks [Louisa] ought to do,” said actor Martin Clunes in an interview with the Lancashire Post.

“I don’t think he thinks she should stay at home, but there’s a lot of her torment at being a working mother and getting the balance of time with James,” he added. “But, the Doc has a more disciplinarian approach.”

Off script, Clunes has come to appreciate the close-knit family that has come from working on “Doc Martin,” since its inception in 2004.

Doc Martin - S8E1

“We added up the amount of time I’ve spent and it’s 3.5 years I’ve been married to Caroline Catz (Louisa), bouncing around these false walls,” relayed Clunes. “There are very few new people on our crew. We’ve all got kids that have grown up bouncing into each other every two years, we’ve watched each other’s kids grow up.”

He continued: “I’ll never get a better job [than ‘Doc Martin’]. I love playing him, being here, and I like all the people. I think it’s a once in a lifetime, something like this [show].”

-Adam Grant

Doc Martin - S8E1

This week (Tuesday, November 14 at 8pm ET/5pm PT) on “Doc Martin”: With Janice having left, Martin and Louisa need to find a nursery for James. He is accepted at Portwenn Tots, but not before Martin can insult the nursery manager, Mel.

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