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Doc Martin - Season 8

On “Doc Martin,” few have to put up with Martin’s curtness and challenging personality more than Morwenna. As the receptionist of the doctor’s surgery, she has to witness Martin rudely deal with patients, no matter how polite and/or ill they may be. No less, Morwenna does her best to keep the train on the tracks regardless of what comes at her.

Apart from her patience and prized personality, another thing that separates Morwenna from the lot is her sense of fashion. Very often, she’s wrapped herself in colourful, bubbly outfits that let you know she wants her style to be noticed.

How does Jessica Ransom, the actress who plays Morwenna, feel about said fashion?

“It’s bonkers. Even so, I love it,” said Ransom in an interview with Express. “When else would you get the opportunity to dress up and look ridiculous? When I go to the make-up and costume departments I know I’m in for the long haul – although this series we’ve ditched her false eyelashes, otherwise I’d never get on set.”

Doc Martin - Season 8

When away from the cameras, Ransom admits to not hoarding clothing, but does have a substantial collection of shoes that runs 30-40 pairs deep. At this point in her life, going this route makes a whole lot of sense.

“Day to day, as practical as possible,” responded Ransom when asked how she normally dresses when at home. “With [a young child] it’s all about clothes that are comfortable and can withstand constant washing. I make an effort when I go out, in something flattering, preferably vintage.”

That said, what if Ransom had to quickly abandon her home due to a fire? What piece of clothing would she first head toward?

“I’d hate it if my first inclination was to head for my wardrobe,” offered Ransom. “I’d want trainers on so I could run away fast.”

-Adam Grant

Doc Martin - Season 8

This week on “Doc Martin” (Tuesday, November 21 at 8pm ET/5pm PT), Louisa decides to implement a rota to help with the smooth running of the Ellingham household; she soon starts to regret it when Martin takes it a bit too literally. Louisa has to take Year Six pupils sailing, much to her dismay, as Pippa has fallen ill. Martin is then left with collecting James from nursery every afternoon that week.

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