Cold Feet’s James Nesbitt on the Role that Changed His Perspective



Cold Feet - S7

When you have been working in the acting industry for the better part of 30 years, chances are you don’t just know what you’re doing; you’re actually quite good at what you do. Cold Feet’s James Nesbitt is a perfect example of this.

Since the back half of the 1980s, Nesbitt has been gradually building up his resume with appearances in series, mini-series, TV movies and feature films. However, it did take some time for even Nesbitt to take his career choice seriously.

“Because I came from a Northern Ireland Protestant background, acting was considered a bit feminine, a bit worthless, not a real job,” explained Nesbitt in an interview with the Radio Times. “And for a long time I would have probably thought that. It was just something I did, just something I was quite good at. It felt like a hobby, it felt like I was getting away with something.”

Cold Feet - S7

“Maybe because it came so easy to me,” replied Nesbitt when asked why it felt like he ‘was getting away with something.’ “It couldn’t possibly have been a real job because it was so enjoyable.”

Even though those early days proved “enjoyable” and featured a lengthy list of memorable roles for Nesbitt, it took until one particular job in the early 2000s for the actor to feel totally connected to his work.

“I really do have a work ethic that’s ingrained in me,” relayed Nesbitt. “When I first started acting, I was doing ‘Boon’ and ‘Lovejoy’ and ‘Soldier Soldier,’ then ‘Cold Feet.’ I was garnering quite a lot of attention, and success and making money, but I still felt that something was missing. And I think that’s why [the 2002 film] ‘Bloody Sunday’ shook that. That was the first time I felt I could look at where I came from and what impact the job I did could have on it.”

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet - S7

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