Yannick Bisson: Columbo Influenced Detective Murdoch



Now in its 13th season, “Murdoch Mysteries” is currently one of the longest running, most enjoyed, Canadian series on television. With a charismatic and snazzy star like Yannick Bisson leading the charge, it is no wonder that the series has had the ability to stay interesting for audiences.

When discussing his role of Detective William Murdoch for the November 2017 cover story of Zoomer Magazine, Bisson spoke about the influence a number of old school, on-screen crime fighters had on his “Murdoch Mysteries” character.

“When I was building my character, I definitely took Columbo into account,” admitted Bisson. “And ‘[Agatha Christie’s] Poirot’ and a bit of James Bond and a bit of ‘Barney Miller,’ too. And I’ve said this a million times… I built the character with exactly those [inspirations] in mind.”

“Murdoch’s kind of all of us really,” noted Bisson in the same interview. “He’s our collective best selves on our best day. I wish I were as cool as him, as sensitive, or as smart, or as insightful.”

Yannick Bisson - Zoomer Magazine

While many of us immediately connect Bisson to “Murdoch Mysteries,” the 48-year-old actor has been working in the industry since the 1980s. Yes, there have been small roles or bit parts many of us wouldn’t immediately recognize, but Bisson also experienced a lengthy run with TV series “Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye.” What’s more, he’s had sustained roles in shows like “Undergrads,” “Soul Food,” “Falcon Beach,” plus movies “Casino Jack” and “Crazy for Christmas,” to name a few.

Just one more thing: thanks to his family life, Bisson has always felt compelled to keep a proper perspective on how he approaches his career choices.

“Family motivated me to work – to do other things to supplement my income, to develop myself as a person in other ways,” explained Bisson. “But also when I did have work, to be extremely grateful for it and to work hard and to also choose carefully. Having a marriage and children, you weigh those choices differently.

He continued: “From the outside, it could look like I’ve gone from show to show to show to show my entire career because I’ve done a lot of them. But, the truth is I’ve definitely been hungry in between every single one. I’ve had to adapt and do other work and do other things between every show that I’ve done.”

-Adam Grant
Photos by: Chris Chapman

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