Martin Clunes is More of a Farmer than a Showbiz Lover



If you’ve ever seen Martin Clunes outside of his Doc Martin character, he is a far more personable fella than the generally curt Dr. Ellingham. However, where the two draw similarities, is that they both don’t mind the simpler life outside of the big spotlight: Doc in Portwenn, Clunes on his farm in Dorset.

When away from the cameras, Clunes tends to his stable of animals, and takes part in various philanthropic endeavours, including The British Horse Society’s Changing Lives Through Horses initiative and the Buckham Fair.

His celebrity certainly does help give these causes a leg up, but Clunes isn’t one to get overly excited about the glitz and glam side of show business.

Clunes & Morrissey

“I don’t do showbiz, the only bit I like is standing next to a camera, filming,” revealed Clunes in an interview with the Mirror. “But back in the day we used to dip into all the premieres. Neil [Morrissey from ‘Men Behaving Badly’] and I went to the premiere of the first ‘Mission: Impossible’ film and that was mental. Michael Flatley was entertaining the crowd on the red carpet, then Neil and I popped up and they went crazy, screaming. We blew Michael Flatley out of the picture.”

“I do, but it’s just my life, it’s evolved like that,” added Clunes when asked if it feels like he’s living two separate lives. “I do remember doing something at Windsor Castle for the Queen’s birthday and thinking, ‘I bet I’m the only one going home tonight because I’ve got cows to move.’ I like it that way.”

Martin Clunes - Horse

Sure, situations like these may still make Clunes feel a bit funny, but that’s not enough to take the brilliant British actor away from co-stars, scripts and cameras.

“I had a load of time off [recently] – I didn’t act for 18 months and I chose to stay at home and work on the farm. I liked it so much. But, I can’t afford to retire. I love it; it’s the best of both worlds. It used to make me nervous, but I do love presenting too.”

-Adam Grant

Doc Martin - Season 8

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