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Longevity Road Trip - Alps

Time flies when you’re having fun, but it also moves swiftly the older you get. While childhood and adolescence had the ability to feel boundless, the candle that’s adulthood seemingly burns with a speed that can’t be matched. Life, to some, doesn’t need to be this way.

In the new VisionTV documentary series, “Longevity Road Trip,” five Zoomer-aged couples and friends travel the world to learn about how they might be able to positively extend their lives.

During the premiere episode (Monday, February 12 at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT), recently married couple Sonia and Lennox have begun thinking about their future and what retirement might look like. By taking a trip to Peru and opting to participate in volunteer work, the pair get a new perspective on how their years outside the workforce will be.

Longevity Road Trip - S1E3 - Fountains of Youth - Florida - Shirley and Vivian

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Next up, husbands Ian and Leon travel to California to see how the high-tech hub of Silicon Valley is working toward anti-aging. Then, a trip is taken to Loma Linda, a 7th Day Adventist community that’s age bracket is much higher than most.

On a trek that featured stops in both the Bahamas and Florida, friends Shirley and Vivian swim with dolphins, all the while learning about the history of Atlantis and the powers some believe it’s left behind. Following that adventure, the duo visits the Fountain of Youth to determine whether it’s legit, or just a great marketing ploy.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Longevity Road Trip” premieres Monday, February 12 at 9:30pm ET/6:300pm PT! 

Elsewhere, Taimi and Haldun express interest in learning more about how sexuality interacts with aging. After a connective visit to a local sex therapist, the couple visit the South of France where they seek wisdom from a leading sex and aging expert, before experiencing time within a naturist community and a swinger’s resort.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

To close out season one, married couple Lily and Oren visit Hamilton, Ontario’s MacMaster University to learn about how exercise can improve one’s DNA. From there, the pair travel to a resort in the Austrian Alps where they are educated further about ways in which a focused diet and exercise regime can improve their futures.

Although there isn’t a sure fire way to stop aging in its tracks, there are a whole host of positive, rewarding ways that have the possibility of adding extra years to your life. With “Longevity Road Trip,” viewers will be encouraged to find an extra gear and embrace a well-moving future.

-Adam Grant

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Longevity Road Trip” premieres Monday, February 12 at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT!

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