Baz Brings the Mammies to a Mammoth Waterslide



50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies - Dubai

As much as Baz Ashmawy enjoyed taking his mother Nancy around the world on wild, death-defying adventures, he certainly gets – arguably – a greater kick out of exposing other mammies to similar circumstances.

In the premiere episode of “50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies” (Monday, February 5 at 8pm ET/5pm PT), Baz and Nancy take 77-year-old Londoner Ann, and 73-year-old Scotland native, Grace, to Dubai for a wet and wild bunch of stunts.

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies - Dubai

Instead of starting off their trip with a bang, Baz and the ladies get it going with a splash, thanks to the Poseidon’s Revenge waterslide.

“Step up to the challenge or face the wrath of Poseidon,” reads the official online description of this mammoth waterslide. “Feel your adrenaline skyrocket as you step into the capsule and wait. Wait for the moment the floor falls out from beneath you and you plummet through the heart of the tower at speeds of 60 kilometres per hour, before the fury of Poseidon propels you upside down.”

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies - Dubai

After the floor falls out, those brave enough to step into the slide experience a drop of 31 meters – this is definitely not a ride for the faint of heart.

No less, Baz is tasked with getting Nancy and newcomers Ann and Grace to give the slide a go. But first, he’ll have to show them how it’s done.

How does everyone do?

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies - Dubai

Find out Monday, February 5 (8pm ET/5pm PT) by catching the series premiere of “50 Ways to Kill Your Mammies”!

In addition to giving Poseidon’s Revenge a go, the group dives deep into shark infested waters and gets high-in-the-sky with an unusual airborne machine.

-Adam Grant

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