Watch this 93-year-old Woman Laugh Her Way Through a Workout




Surely at some point in your life you’ve heard the expression, “use it, or lose it.” In many ways, this sentiment is bang-on when it comes to how we treat our bodies. If we don’t keep the body active, there’s a pretty good chance it could fail us as we grow older. Thus, it’s always important to squeeze some type of personal fitness routine into our lives.

One great way to keep yourself accountable for your physical state is by enlisting the services of a personal trainer. They can inspire you in a way that makes exercise exciting, or give you that kick in the shorts when motivation is at a low point. At the very least, they can bring companionship and some laughs.

Recently, Joana Zanin from South Dakota shared an adorable video on Twitter of her mother participating in a personal training session with a 93-year-old woman.

In the video, the woman (whose name hasn’t been disclosed) is seated in a chair as peppy music plays and her enthusiastic trainer provides direction. Whether it’s simple arm and leg movements, or in-chair dance moves, this woman is having a grand time getting fit.

Throughout, she has a big smile on her face and cackles away as the trainer keeps encouraging her to do different moves. It is quite the heart-warming scene!

Since being uploaded to Twitter on February 14, the video has been watched more than 6.5 million times, while more 123,000 people have shared it (as of February 16).

This video can be seen below – we think you’ll love it!

-Adam Grant

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