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Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Women’s Empowerment

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

On Saturday, May 19 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, Meghan Markle will wed Prince Harry and officially become a part of the British Royal family. Once that happens, the spotlight upon Markle will undoubtedly intensify, thus making it all the more important for her to make the most out of her position.

At an event in London today (February 28), Markle, Prince Harry, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton, discussed various elements of the Royal Foundation, a charitable organization helmed by the latter three.

During the Q&A portion of this public engagement, Markle spoke about her desire to “hit the ground running,” as it relates to working on matters connected to women’s rights.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William

“I hear a lot of people speaking about girls’ empowerment and women’s’ empowerment – you will hear people saying they are helping women find their voices,” offered Markle. “I fundamentally disagree with that, because women don’t need to find their voices, they need to be empowered to use it and people need to be urged to listen.”

The former “Suits” actress added that various societal movements have helped push female empowerment forward.

“Right now with so many campaigns like #MeToo and Time’s Up, there’s no better time to continue to shine a light on women feeling empowered and people supporting them,” said Markle.

-Adam Grant

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

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