Poldark’s Aidan Turner Has Lots of Love for His Mother



On “Poldark,” we have come to view Aidan Turner as an actor more than capable of portraying a tough, fearless, character. As Ross Poldark, Turner embodies the idea of a man’s man, even if that characteristic can shoot him in the foot as much as it can endear him to others.

Away from the cameras, however, Turner appears far less reckless than who he plays on “Poldark” – especially when it comes to his family life. 
In a recent conversation with The Sunday Post, Turner opened up about the special relationship he continues to have with his mother. 

I text her a lot to let her know where I am and what I am doing,” revealed Turner. “Even if I am out for the night in Dublin with friends and will be late home, I still keep her in touch. It is a habit, but I actually like to put her mind at rest.

Aidan Turner - Poldark

“If I’m staying over [somewhere else], I send her a text,” he continued. “I didn’t do that when I was younger. I’m a very good boy. I behave myself.”
Turner, who will celebrate his 35th birthday on June 19, has a simple explanation for this type of consideration: “My mum’s the number one in my life. I make sure she’s looked after. I would never worry her.”
As for her thoughts on “Poldark”…
“She likes watching ‘Poldark,’ but I think she prefers the original [version] really!”
-Adam Grant

This week on “Poldark” (Wednesday, April 4 at 9pm ET/6pm PT): Ross tries to support Elizabeth in a time of great struggle for her household.

Aidan Turner - Poldark


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