The Power of Growing: Ageless Gardens Returns to VisionTV for Season 2



Ageless Gardens S2E1
For many aging Canadians, gardening is a powerful tool used to stay physically active, mentally energized and socially connected. As we suffer through long winter months, the practice of interacting with nature through gardening has tremendous benefits for our health and well-being. For those of us who aren’t able to get outside and garden, or who eagerly wait for next year’s season to get growing, VisionTV’s visually captivating series Ageless Gardens provides a window into the lush and vibrant world of gardening without ever having to leave the house.
Ageless Gardens S2E1
Starting Monday, September 23 at 9pm ET and airing through October 21, Ageless Gardens returns for a second season to continue exploring the relationship between gardening and healthy aging. The series features a variety of gardening communities that highlight the unique ways gardening can impact and improve our lives. Topics explored this season include how gardening can create memory-triggering touches and smells for dementia patients, improve physical mobility and core strength, create bonds between generations and communities, and teach young students lifelong lessons.
Ageless Gardens S2E3  Ageless Gardens S2E3
Ageless Gardens S2E3
Among Canada’s gardening royalty is octogenarian and well-known gardening author and columnist Marjorie Harris who returns in season 2 to showcase her talents as a garden designer. On designing gardens for others in Toronto, Harris says: “Being able to lift somebody’s spirits by looking into a garden—that’s what I want.”

“They have 50, 60, 70 years of gardening mastery,” says director, producer and cinematographer Ian Toews on the gardening experts featured in the series. “I believe it contributes to their happiness and longevity.”
Season 1 viewers have suggested that just watching the series is a therapeutic experience, providing the same tranquillity and relaxation as the act of gardening itself. With a greater focus on community building and inter-generational gardening in season 2, viewers may be inspired to venture into their own communities and discover how gardening can fit into their lives.
Ageless Gardens S2E1
Ageless Gardens S2E1
Ageless Gardens S2E1
Co-produced by Ian Toews, CSC and Mark Bradley, Season 2 of Ageless Gardens premieres Mondays at 9pm ET starting September 23rd. Season 1 episodes will air following each season 2 episode, so enjoy a full hour of gardening greatness every Monday!
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