Canadians at Home Learn to Tidy and Simplify with Season 2 of The Big Downsize



As millions of Canadians self-isolate at home and look to tackle spring cleaning or live with less, Tell Tale Productions and VisionTV present season two of ​The Big Downsize​, the popular de-cluttering television hit. Learn the best tips and tricks from professional organizer ​Jane Veldhoven​, as she helps retirees and moving couples downsize their homes and lives. ​Season 2 will premiere on ​Monday, April 27 at 9pm EST / 6pm PT on VisionTV.

“A tidy space brings clarity and peace of mind,” says Veldhoven. “During these times of emotional, physical, and mental change – cleaning and organizing one’s space can bring a true sense of ease and peace.”

A Certified Professional Organizer since 2008, Jane Veldhoven knows what it takes to get the job done and season 2 sees her taking on some of her biggest challenges yet. Viewers will meet Anne and James Rodger who are moving from a 4,000 square foot home to one that isn’t large enough to hold all of their furniture and treasured mementos. Jane helps the couple navigate the emotional triggers – especially when it comes to giving things away. Viewers will also meet Patti and Faye whose house sold sooner than expected. Now living in temporary housing, they have grown used to having their items in storage. Jane steps in to help the couple shed their belongings so that their new home won’t feel overrun.

While Veldhoven teamed up with these couples to declutter and downsize long before COVID-19 necessitated everyone to spend more time taking stock of what’s inside their four walls, she knows that getting organized has great benefits, not only for one’s living space but, one’s headspace too.

“Every single person I’ve talked to is like, ‘I’m going through a closet,’ or ‘What do I do with my photos,’ or ‘I’m going through my old papers,’” Veldhoven recently told the Canadian Press. “Everybody is organizing. I think that tells us that it’s because it makes you feel good.”

Season 2 of The Big Downsize premieres Mondays at 9pm ET / 6 PT from April 27 through May 25 on VisionTV.

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