Family Matters in the New Millennium: Parenthood Comes to VisionTV



VisionTV has no shortage of family dramas to warm your heart and we’re bringing another fantastic series into the mix this fall. We’re all set to welcome another wonderful family to our table every weekday afternoon. Get ready for some tears to flow but a lot of warm fuzzy feelings to take over as we bring the excellent, award winning family drama Parenthood back to your screens! Parenthood airs Mondays to Fridays at 3pm ET starting Monday, August 30.

Executive produced by Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe winners Ron Howard and Brian Glazer, Parenthood was inspired by the box-office hit of the same name starring Steve Martin, Dianne Weist, Keanu Reeves, Mary Steenburgen, Joaquin Phoenix and more. Since its original 2010 premiere, the series gained a massive following of devoted fans who can’t get enough of the messy yet lovable multi-generational Braverman family.

The series begins with single mother Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) and her two teenagers moving back to her hometown and back into her family home for some much needed parental support. Her parents, played by Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia, are the pillars of the family, both headstrong and seemingly unshakable, yet secretly dealing with their own marital issues.

Along with Sarah’s three siblings, Adam (Peter Krause), Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Julia (Erika Christensen), heavy baggage runs in the Braverman family. They just can’t seem to help getting overly involved in each other’s personal lives. Despite occasional infighting, the family members maintain a strong sense of love and loyalty to one another, no matter how bad things may get between them.

“That was a moment where I thought, this show could be about both the joy of family and the riches of family,” said series creator Jason Katims in one of his final interviews on the series. “But also be about the challenges and that if this show could incorporate all of those things, it would only make it more enjoyable.”

Beyond Parenthood’s captivating characters and relationship dynamics, the series is also known for tackling a variety of difficult issues not typically explored at length on television. From financial struggles, health scares, abusive relationships and addiction issues, the series never shies away from real problems faced by real families. Perhaps most notable is the challenge faced by Adam Braverman and his wife Kristina (Monica Potter) as they cope with their son’s struggle at school and with friends, which eventually leads to his diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s a storyline that spans the whole series as these parents learn to deal with their new reality and how best to help their son navigate a world that often struggles to accommodate him.

Honoured by the Critics Choice Television Awards, Gracie Allen Awards, Prism Awards and more, this acclaimed series which ran for six seasons on NBC dives deep into what life is like from each of the family members’ perspectives, from the grandparents to the parents and their kids. With a raw, realistic approach to exploring life’s many struggles and joys, Parenthood delivers on all the laughs, tears and heartwarming moments you could ever want from a family drama.

Enjoy all 6 seasons of Parenthood from the very beginning Monday to Friday at 3pm ET on VisionTV!

– Tessa Giftopoulos

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