Digging Deep Into the Personal Visions of Some of Canada's Visionary Gardeners



While we brave the rest of Winter and eagerly await the arrival of Spring, VisionTV has a brand new gardening show to keep your spirits high and your eyes on the horizon! From the talented team that brought us the inspiring and award-winning Ageless Gardens, the new series Visionary Gardeners.

Like Ageless Gardens, Visionary Gardeners takes the same intimate, first person approach to exploring the world of gardening and its many benefits on our health and wellness. From the same production team from 291 Film Company in Victoria, BC, Visionary Gardeners expands on the format to focus specifically on passionate, experienced life-long gardeners. In each episode, two different gardeners brings us into their unique world, sharing their personal philosophies on gardening, what it means to them, and what they’ve learned over the years.

“After making the series Ageless Gardens for three seasons, my producing partner Mark Bradley and I found there were many other characters with interesting stories that didn’t fit the mold of that series,” said producer/director Ian Toews. “Visionary Gardeners goes deep into the thought processes, philosophies, and beliefs of some of Canada’s most innovative gardeners and tries to understand these people and their work in the garden as we might an artist or engineer or designer.”

Gardeners featured in this series include a medical herbalist and her interactive medicinal garden, a former punk rocker who climbs Vancouver Island’s rugged mountains to collect rare seeds, an exotic plant collector who inspires a new generation to breed their own colourful flowers, a famed Vancouver florist who hybridizes varieties of award-winning orchids and once supplied bouquets to the Royal Family, as well as The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and her partner, the globally renowned philosopher and writer John Ralston Saul, whose intellectual ideas inform what they plant together.

From a mountain summit on Vancouver Island, across the wintry prairies, and to the rocky coast of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, Visionary Gardeners explores the vast beauty of Canada and the different gardens native to particular environments. As with Ageless Gardens, the series captures stunning visuals and immerses the viewer into the beautiful world of plants and their loving caretakers. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it may spark some intellectual reflection on gardening you’ve never experienced before!

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