Shaun Evans and Roger Allam Examine Endeavour's Game-Changing Sixth Season



Enjoying Endeavour? Saturdays on VisionTV continue to serve up a slice of suspense with our network premiere of the addictive and much loved crime drama’s sixth season March 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2023 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT. Find out what the series creator and leading man had to say about the direction of Season 6.

Following the dissolution of Oxford City Police and its merging with Thames Valley Constabulary at the end of the Season 5, Season 6 is set in 1969 and picks up with the team as they find their feet in their various new roles. Endeavour Morse has reluctantly settled into a sedate way of life in an isolated countryside outpost, while an uncomfortable Thursday also has a new position at the forbidding Castle Gate station, joining former adversary DCI Ronnie Box (Simon Harrison) and his new sidekick DS Alan Jago (Richard Riddell).

The Summer of Love is well and truly over, and 1969 promises to be darker and more challenging than ever. However, despite their separation, the tragic murder of DC George Fancy still hangs over them, with the case remaining unresolved.

One of the key elements of the series is Endeavour’s strong bond with his detective partner, Fred Thursday. However, as circumstances cause them to be separated, Endeavour will have to navigate a whole new world on his own.

“We’ve put Endeavour through a lot across the past five series”, says series creator Russell Lewis. “Physically, psychologically, emotionally, and romantically. But however hard life has come at him, he’s always had the solid support of Fred Thursday to rely upon; confidence to share and troubles to halve over a pint or two – or a late night on the whisky. Now – the game has changed – and that prop has been removed. For if Endeavour is no longer the man he was, then Thursday also has fallen prey to self-doubt, guilt and regret. Dispossessed of authority at work, and with his home life in ruins, all Thursday once held dear now stands upon the balance.”

Endeavour S6E4

In the first episode of Season 6, Thursday’s struggles are compounded when he’s forced to re-examine a cold case that’s been affecting him for years. “The cold case is one in which over time Fred has become convinced the man he sent to the gallows was in fact Innocent,” notes Roger Allam who plays Thursday. “Now, this man’s son is a drug addict who he has had an ongoing relationship with and has kept an eye on over the years. Fred feels responsible and guilt is hanging over him like a cloud.”

For Endeavour, Season 6 brings growth for the character from the difficult circumstances he faces. According to Shaun Evans, the actor behind the brilliant detective, one particular plot point signifies an important change that’s been a long time coming.

“In terms of evolution, I think one of the most monumental things we achieve this series is that we see Endeavour buy his own place in Oxford,” says Evans. “It’ll be the same place that the later character of Morse (played by John Thaw) lives in. That, I think, is incredibly significant as it shows he’s committed to staying there, whereas in the past he’s been uncertain as to whether he should stay or go. That indecision has gone now, and it’s quite concrete that he’s settled there.”

Enjoy Season 6 of Endeavour Saturdays at 6pm ET from March 4 through 25, followed by our network premiere of Season 7 starting April 1, 2023!

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