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Ecstatic #1-6: Optimism

In this episode of Ecstatic, an environmental activist and the mother of an autistic child show us how optimism is key to happiness in their lives. Continue reading


Ecstatic #1-5: Forgiveness

In this episode, two Indigenous women share how they’ve achieved happiness through forgiveness, both of the past and present. Continue reading


Ecstatic #1-4: Connection

In this episode, two people share their approach to happiness through connection, an acting coach and a minister who derives joy from serving the afflicted. Continue reading


Ecstatic #1-3: Gratitude

In this episode, we meet three people who approach life with gratitude to achieve happiness, including one woman known as the “Mother Teresa of Vancouver”. Continue reading


Ecstatic #1-2: Zest

In this episode, we meet two people who are prime examples of how joyfulness, energy and zest for life attribute to a kind of infectious happiness. Continue reading


Ecstatic #1-1: Happiness 101

As happiness experts John Helliwell and Mark D. Holder discuss their findings in the field of happiness research, the series’ cast is introduced. Continue reading

Ecstatic: Tom Cooper and his wife high five


TONIGHT 9:30pm ET: June B. Wilde, an actress and acting coach, shares her spiritual philosophy to happiness. Continue reading

Home Fires S1E6

Could We One Day See a Third Season of Home Fires?

While nothing is imminent, “Home Fires” Creator Simon Block says that he is ready to make brand new episodes of the hit series. Continue reading

Home Fires

Home Fires Creator Talks Turning the Series into Novels

When “Home Fires” was cancelled in the U.K., fans of the series implored creator Simon Block to continue the story in book form. Continue reading

Agatha Raisin - Season 1

Reliving Agatha Raisin S1E4: Mary, Mary Quite Dead and Buried

When conttentious village rival Mary is found dead, a long line of possible suspects makes finding the true killer a rather tough task. Continue reading