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Advertise with Vision

VisionTV offers advertisers a unique programming environment in which to place your advertisement.

VisionTV is committed to providing a program schedule that entertains, inspires, educates and stimulates understanding without resorting to “jolts per second” of violence or the use of gratuitous sex. Vision’s audience is accustomed to seeing quality programs produced in Canada and around the world that contribute to the search for understanding and meaning.

If you would like to purchase air time for faith-based programming please visit our BUYING AIR TIME page for contacts and further information.

If you would like to purchase on-air or online advertising, please contact either Dan or David via their contact information below.




Dan K. Hamilton
VP Television Sales
Zoomer Media Limited
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
Phone: 416-479-3170 (x470)
Cell: 416-275-5650
Email: [email protected]
David Sersta
VP Conference, Shows & Digital Sales
Zoomer Media Limited
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
Phone: 416-607-7743
Cell: 416-648-0835
Email: [email protected]

South Asian/Non-Christian

Tony Greco
VP Television Program Distribution & Block Time Sales
Zoomer Media Limited
64 Jefferson Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4
Phone: 416-216-6302
Cell: 416-505-8380
Email: tony.gre[email protected]

Vision, which is licensed for only twelve minutes of advertising per clock hour, provides greater marketing impact to advertisers by eliminating commercial and promotion clutter in its programming.

VisionTV will provide clients with advertising proposals that specifically meet the “buying criteria” of each product or service. VisionTV provides clients with schedule booked integrity, which ensures that schedules are “run as planned” without being pre-empted by “network specials” or by higher priced purchasers.

VisionTV will not broadcast advertisements for the following products or services:

  • Contraceptives
  • Tobacco Products
  • On-line Gaming
  • Clinics that indicate sex of unborn child
  • Weapons of War

VisionTV will also limit and conduct close scrutiny of advertisements that have been submitted for broadcast for the following categories:

  • Alcohol-related products
  • Violent or sexually explicit audio-visual content

In addition, all commercials that air on VisionTV must have full clearance numbers from Telecaster Canada.