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A User’s Guide to Cheating Death: Spiritual Science

Originally premiered Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. SEASON 2, EPISODE 6 – SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: More than ever before, the spheres of spirituality and science are overlapping. We talk to researchers studying pain and acupuncture in the wake of the opiate crisis, the role of meditation in mediating stress-related disease, and explore the ancient roots behind some of today’s modern treatments. Health law expert, author and debunker-extraordinaire Timothy Caulfield hosts A User’s Guide to Cheating Death. ______________ The anti-aging industry is worth almost $10 billion a year. People want to live forever, and they want to look good while doing it. But how much of it actually works? And is any of it harmful? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the fact from fiction as magazines, television, and countless internet articles tout new therapies, diets and health trends as the secret behind a healthier, happier, and longer life. “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death” is a documentary series that casts light on increasingly controversial procedures, diets and revived ancient therapies that are being sought by people desperate to dramatically alter their bodies or radically improve their health, and the booming industries that are more than happy to accept their business. Health law professor, writer and debunker-extraordinaire Timothy Caulfield dives deep into the science, and the social issues behind today’s cutting edge health trends in order to separate the truly good advice from the excess of high-priced placebos.

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