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  • DAS1 BTS: Filming Bates' arrival scene
  • DAS1 BTS: Rob James-Collier and Joanne Froggatt getting set to film
  • DAS1 BTS: Samantha Bond (Lady Rosamund Painswick) chats with Downton Abbey Creator/Writer Julian Fellowes
  • DAS1 BTS: Michelle Dockery during dinner scene
  • DAS1 BTS: An exterior scene with Highclere Castle looming majestic in the background
  • DAS1 BTS: Michelle Dockery and others on horseback waiting to film the hunting party scene
  • DAS1 BTS: Setting up the big exterior hunting party scene
  • DAS1 BTS: Laura Carmichael gets a spritz before cameras roll
  • DAS1 BTS: Laura Carmichael in position for an exterior scene
  • DAS1 BTS: Filming a dinner scene