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  • DAS1: The Right Hon. Earl of Grantham, Robert Crawley
  • DAS1: The Right Hon. Countess of Grantham, Cora Crawley at the Downton Flower Show
  • DAS1: The Dowager Countess visits Matthew Crawley at his law office
  • DAS1: Thomas Branson, the new chauffeur from Ireland
  • DAS1: Branson and William get into a fight
  • DAS1: Lady Grantham and Lady Violet have afternoon tea outdoors
  • DAS1: William (Thomas Howes), Gwen (Rose Leslie), Thomas and Daisy at the Downton Fair
  • DAS1: Isobel Crawley meets the Dowager Countess for the first time
  • DAS1: Lady Mary and The Hon. Evelyn Napier (Brendan Patricks) prepare to go on a fox hunt
  • DAS1: Bates arrives to Downton and greets Lord Grantham