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  • DAS2: The Dowager Countess of Grantham, Lady Violet Crawley
  • DAS2: Matthew in the trenches
  • DAS2: Mary and Matthew walk out as part of the shooting party
  • DAS2: Mary reveals all to Matthew
  • DAS2: Lady Rosamund discovers that her suitor isn't all he seems to be
  • DAS2: Edith is drawn in by a mysterious, recovering Canadian soldier
  • DAS2: Bates and Anna stop in a church to pray
  • DAS2: William has a proposition for Daisy that meets Mrs. Patmore's approval
  • DAS2: Thomas becomes an acting Sergeant in charge of Downton as a convalescent hospital
  • DAS2: Cora and Isobel lock horns over the household schedule
  • DAS2: Bates reluctantly leaves Downton with his estranged wife Vera
  • DAS2: Matthew and Mary reunite as Matthew returns from the front