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World Premiered October 12, 2015
Available to watch online below

Keys to Paradise

What is common between Radical Islamist militias, movements like ISIS, Al Queda and Hamas? For one, it is Jesus Christ.

Yes, Jesus Christ the Christian “Prince of Peace” of love and forgiveness is transformed into a radical Islamist Prophet returning at the Radical Islamist End of Days to fight the Anti- Christ – a form of Devil – and its followers.

For Hamas, Jesus returns to lead the war to kill the Jews. For ISIS and Al Queda, Jesus returns not only to kill the Jews but to “break the Cross”, destroy Christianity and all so called Infidel movements. And to establish a world Islamic Empire – an Islamic Caliphate. For the radical Islamist Jihadi, Martyrdom leads to this ultimate “Keys to Paradise” – to “Gehna”.


Deradicalization/Counter-terrorism Resources

KeystoParadise_MS_DoubleCdnFlags3_200The Government of Canada, RCMP and CSIS all have initiatives and information designed to combat the rise of youth radicalization and extremism in our country. Click on the flags for a comprehensive list of resource links and key participants in Canada’s efforts. Find out more here…


Social Stream

The latest social media updates from news sources, government bodies, deradicalization initiatives and major participants in Keys to Paradise. Discover more resources and news here.

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