A Dog Named Christmas

Monday, December 25 at Midnight ET / 9pm PT


“This is no place for a dog. They are just a distraction.” George McCray said it so often his friends were amazed to learn that a stray had been “invited” to spend the holidays with George, his wife Mary Ann and their son Todd on their Kansas farm.

When Todd, a developmentally-challenged 20 year-old with an affinity for animals, hears that the animal shelter is looking for families to foster a dog for Christmas, he’s eager to sign up. But George says “no adoptions” – even temporary ones – claiming he wants to protect Todd from disappointment. Mary Ann knows better. Something else is troubling her husband – something he doesn’t want to face.

With Mary Ann’s support, Todd’s persistence pays off. He chooses a friendly yellow lab and names him “Christmas.” Bringing Christmas home is a revelation for George. The dog seems to know immediately that this is where he belongs. Watching Todd and Christmas together, George sees his son in a new light. And it soon becomes obvious that Christmas has actually “adopted” George, creating a bond that is stronger than past disappointments.

“A Dog Named Christmas” is a joyful movie that is destined to become a holiday tradition.

As George, Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Thirteen Days) delivers a sensitive, honest performance that captures his charm, dignity and compassion. Linda Emond (Julie & Julia, Pollock) shines as George’s understanding and supporting wife. Young star Noel Fisher (The Riches) tackles the challenging role of Todd with great insight. And starring in the lead role as Christmas is a remarkable 10 year old yellow Lab named Johnny.

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