Birds of a Feather


Sisters Sharon and Tracey Stubb have been living very different lives with very different experiences of marriage,  For hard-up Sharon, her husband Chris’ crime comes as no surprise but Tracey, who’d been living a nouveau-riche dream life in Chigwell, is shell-shocked to find her beloved Darryl could be a criminal.

Together the sisters must get used to their enforced new circumstances and Sharon moves in with richer Tracey, both to keep her company and enjoy the mod cons of her plush home. They’re rarely left alone, though, thanks to the nagging presence of sex-mad neighbour Dorien Green.

A massive hit from the word go in 1989, Birds of a Feather eventually clocked up nine seasons and remains not only a classic comedy but also, as a female-centred long-running series, a truly rare gem.

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